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Individual Success

Individual achievement often involves  having a network of supports, overcoming barriers, perseverance through adversity and sacrifice but the personal growth, gains in self-worth and satisfaction of attaining our goals is truly priceless.

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Rachelle Hunter

Rachelle Hunter

E: [email protected]

Co-op student/ Science Laboratory Technology
Red River College
Winnipeg, MB Canada

Hello everyone,

Being an Indigenous woman, I have faced many hardships in my life, including both of my parents surviving the 60’s scoop, intergenerational trauma & my own trauma. I have survived an abusive relationship of 4 years. I was  even told that I will just fail college while I was enrolled  in Taking Charge! -a parent program to help parents go back to school. I  managed to finally leave with both of my sons in 2017. A year later, I applied to the Pathway to Health program at RRC.

Upon graduating, I went on to enroll in Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) in 2019. I’ve been attending RRC for 4 years now and have been a recipient of Indspire (4 years) as well as the Business Council of Manitoba (3 years). I highly encourage students(especially single parents) to apply for Manitoba student aid,  bursaries, and grants.

I chose SLT because I am passionate about science, being in a lab, experimenting and  observing. I also love to help people but knew nursing was not for me, so SLT was the perfect career for me. My favourite courses are Microbiology & Tissue Culture.

There were times during those years I struggled with my post trauma responses or failed some courses, there were times I wanted to give up and  drop out. When the pandemic started, that year was the worst for my mental health,  as it was for many others. I managed to pull through with  the support of my instructors, my friends and my family. They supported me to keep going and  I managed to complete my courses on the second try. When you’re in college, it is very important to get help right away when you feel like you’re behind, because if you don’t,  it will just snowball into a lot of problems! (trust me.)

I am now a co-op student at the National Microbiology Laboratory (JC Wilt location) working with covid, hepatitis B & C samples for  a project which serves both  urban and rural Indigenous communities.
One instructor in particular helped me a lot during my tough times and  whenever I doubted myself, he would tell me to say “My name is Rachelle & I am good at (whichever course I was struggling in)”. He would make sure I was confident each time and that little confidence booster helped! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, feel free to contact me for any questions!

-Rachelle Hunter

Individual Success
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